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Sigmoid Group is a company specialized in the practice of Data Science and the application of Artificial Intelligence with the main purpose of solving the most challenging problems organizations are facing.

The solutions of our company encapsulate various sub-fields of AI such as Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning.

Our domain expertise allows us to deliver end-to-end approaches, from AI acceleration consulting to industrialization of data products. Our infrastructure allows deploying solutions instantly and delivering quantified value to clients within short timeframe, even in a rudimentary data environment.

We build custom-tailored solutions that fit the unique needs of each client. Our solutions can be utilized in wide area of industries, ranging from Finance and Telecommunications to Manufacturing and Public Institutions.

Sigmoid group is constantly innovating in the use of data and statistics to deliver brighter decisions for CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and operational teams.

We are working to build a future in which public institutions and private companies can use data to function as they were designed—to fulfill the mandates with which they’ve been entrusted, to deliver value to customers.