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Why we are here

The exponential growth of computational power (represented by Moore’s law), storage capacity (Kryder’s law) and data transmission (e.g., Butters’ law) has long been familiar. It is also widely believed that general Artificial Intelligence, if ever achieved, would represent the highest form of computing and one of the most lucrative technological advances in history.

While we currently collect huge amounts of data and have the computation power to support many versions of Artificial Intelligence, the application of AI in the industry remains rudimentary. We strongly believe that with the right approach in Data Science, organizations can apply Artificial Intelligence and through it solve hard problems and create substantial value in their operations.

Nonetheless, many organizations are hesitating to implement AI without some form of validation that the technology can indeed create substantial value. Furthermore, the vast majority of analytical platforms and BI systems currently in use are exceeding arcane, requiring qualified personal and lengthy experience to acquire mastery, and yet the quality of the predictive output remains ambiguous. On the hand, the systems promising automated machine learning consistently fall short in meeting expectations since every organization has a unique structure and specific problems that require tailored solution. Finally, building internal Data Science teams is a tricky proposition. Lack of data professionals, considerable investments in infrastructure and no experience in obtaining value from data are only a handful of issues that organizations would face.

In the face of these rapid and disruptive changes we saw a need for a different kind of technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it.

That's why we founded Sigmoid Group.

What we do

We are a company specialized in the practice of Data Science and the application of Artificial Intelligence with the main purpose of solving the most challenging problems organizations are facing.

Our solutions encapsulate various sub-fields of AI such as Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning. We put in the best effort to be ahead of the curve when it comes down to tracking the latest advances in AI as they are published by world-renowned academics and distribute them through our work.


The current trend in the Data consulting industry is to sell semi-automated, one-fits-all solutions that rely heavily on the clients internal human resources, such as its Data Science team.

At Sigmoid, we strongly believe that each client has unique needs that cannot be generalized. We also believe that our clients achieve the best result when they focus on their core business, rather than experimenting with complex statistical models and mastering querying languages.

We try to build a true partnership with our clients, in which we leverage their deep understanding of their problems and offer a custom-tailored solution that embeds their domain expertise.


We service clients from different industries, countries and AI maturity levels.

Our experience tells us that each Data Science project (for any client) can be approached through one out of three implementation methods we offer.

AI ACCELERATION - A package that provides services for organizations that are approaching AI for the first time. We can assist with auditing the client's AI readiness and providing feasibility studies for most suitable use-cases for a Data Science project. Furthermore, we accelerate the adaptation of AI by holding a variety of workshops intended for both business and technical professionals. Finally, we can directly tackle data problems by providing a Data Scientist on demand for a particular task, without the necessity of investing in your own Data Science team.

PROOF OF CONCEPT - A step-by-step approach that targets organizations that are still in their early stages of AI adaptation. Typically, these organizations have already chosen a suitable project and have stored the right data, however they are looking for an implementation that would be conducted in a short timeframe and with a small budget. The main point of a PoC is to obtain tangible insight and assess the feasibility of the technology before the organization invests in a full-fledged project.

AI IN PRODUCTION – Creating an AI driven enterprise assumes implementation of a model within the operations of the organization or as Data Scientists often say it – putting the model in production. We can assist our clients to deploy data products in production through the provision of the necessary data infrastructure, development of production ready models and their integration with the client’s core systems through API’s or development of entirely new software solutions.

Business principles

If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore.

In the technology industry, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best firm.

We do not ship solutions unless they create outstanding benefit for our clients.

We closely follow both academia and industry to foresee disruptive technologies that our products could distribute to clients.

Our solutions fully comply with client’s privacy, security, and data integrity regulations.

Our products provide access controls, federation, audits, data integrity and redress, data retention and deletion.

We understand that some decisions carry implications that are too complex, unpredictable and irreversible.

We are committed to high skilled positions, community challenges and environmental sustainability.

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