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Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world. From public companies to government institutions, organizations are facing the most dramatic change since the industrial revolution. However, success in adopting AI depends on identifying the right projects, having insight in the latest practices and delegating tasks to experienced Data Scientists.

AI Acceleration Packages




AI Readiness Analysis

By performing due diligence on your operations, we estimate your data quality, infrastructure capabilities, software availability, human resources skill-set, along with your business goals and provide a set of detailed reports with guidelines for improvement in each area and identification of the most applicable AI projects for your organization.

AI Workshop

The AI workshops comprise experienced Data Scientists who during the presentation convey their knowledge and experience gained from and embedded in daily practice. We broad two broad categories of workshops – topics concerning business leaders and topics for quantitative professionals related to technical skills & abilities.

The business-oriented workshops are designed to help business leaders build a strong and sustainable data and analytics organization, and allow them to be conversant in the fast-growing field of data-science.

The technical workshops provide context in applied machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning for professionals in the IT and related fields. At these workshops, our engineers will give you a real problem, some background, and a bit of data and then you’ll put together a solution. Sigmoid engineers will be there to provide feedback and share how we approach and solve similar problems in day to day operations.

Data Scientist on demand

Obtaining value from Data Scientists is a challenging task.

The quality of work is a subject of multiple factors. First, will your Data Scientist have the relevant domain experience and experience in the industry? Second, do you have the right infrastructure to support his/her work?

That is – if you manage to recruit and retain one in a high demand market. Furthermore, on one hand you might need a Data Scientist only for a specific task and not a full-time position, and on the other hand you might need multiple Data Scientists in a peak demand periods.

In this case, we can provide one or multiple Data Scientist/s on demand at an hourly rate, with the right skill-set, for as long as your project requires. We perform most of our engagements remotely, with daily or weekly collaboration to make sure you are getting the best value. We find this saves our customers more budget to spend on actual work rather than hotels and travel costs.