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Engineering culture

Engineers build things that solve problems. You don't have to be a computer scientist or have any particular degree to be an engineer. You just have to speak up when things aren't right, evaluate ideas on their merits, and build things that fix what's broken.

At Sigmoid Group we're all engineers, and we're focused on solving the hardest problems we can find.

We seek out hard problems at places that matter. We solve them by shipping products that work, today. They have to, because the stakes are real. People rely on our products to do their most important work, which means they rely on us to build things the right way.

We make products for human-driven analysis of real-world data. We don’t mine data. We don’t collect data. We don’t build one-off solutions.

As our company evolves, so will our products and the ways in which they transform how people and organizations interact with data. There's so much left to build. We've only built a fraction of what we've imagined.

Progression & mobility

Thanks to our global reach, we can help you get where you want to go. Whether you sharpen your skills or gain something new, you’ll have experience that will give you the flexibility to move to another division or country if you choose to.

Your personal and professional development is important to us. Each year we make substantial investments in new tools and training programs to support your continued development and guide you in your progression.

Health Care and Insurance Plans

Our employees are entitled to a variety of healthcare insurance plans, ranging from medical, dental and vision; to life and accident; disability; before-tax spending accounts; and group legal services.

Wellness Programs

Our Wellness team arranges wellness screenings and assessments, health coaches, counselling and guidance services for our employees regularly.

Family Care

We know how important your family’s health is to you so we offer a variety of healthcare packages that cover you and your partner, your children and your parents.

Open vacancies

Excited to work with us... but don’t see your position listed?

Let us know how you stand out from the crowd.