Data Science as-a-service.


Do more analysis for less resources. 

Fuelled by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the demand for data science skills is growing exponentially. The supply of skilled professionals, however less so.

Why outsource data science?


Hiring a data scientist is not enough. 

An AI solution that delivers insights while also creating security vulnerabilities or privacy violations can do more harm than good. A dashboard based on outdated, incomplete or misleading data can be worse than not having a report in the first place. 



Major benefits of outsourcing

Lightspeed onboarding in 1 business day

Scope of services

Data Analytics & Reporting

We know business technology. And unlike technology-only firms, we have the industry experience to help you deliver measurable business results, not just blinking lights.

In particular, we assist clients with speed and accuracy to new dashboards, reports or alerts. While it may take days or even weeks to implement a new statistic within your CRM system, our team can get you the information within hours, and sometimes minutes.

Typical use-cases: Customer 360, Sales reports & performance reports, Client segmentation, Data quality & monitoring, etc. 


Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps organizations focus their resources where they are most likely to get the best ROI. Beyond the shiny chat-bots and many buzzwords,  predictive models provide edge on the market related to: detecting potential churners (inactive clients), recommend products to clients with the highest probability to buy them,  determine who are the most valuable clients, etc. 

Our team can suggest the most suitable Machine Learning model for your organization that will bring the highest return-on-investment. We will build the model, place it in production environment and measure the performance to make sure you get the most from your modelled data.



Technology Expertise


The team you want on your side

Unlike technology-only firms, we can form teams that can cover all the bases required for a successful and sustainable data science project, including:

  • Ph.D.-level data scientists and technology professionals with deep experience in the design, development and training of AI and ML models
  • Data analytics professionals, including our team of data visualization professionals, to help us extract and communicate the insights you need
  • Software developers skilled in modern methodologies including Agile and DevSecOps


  • Engineers with specific knowledge and experience deploying solutions on all leading cloud platforms
  • Design and user experience (UX) professionals to help ensure that your solution will be intuitive and easy to use
  • Governance, risk and compliance professionals, including legal professionals, to help identify, understand and mitigate key risks associated with AI or analytics solutions
  • Organizational change management professionals to help smooth the transformation across your entire organization.

Reactor - Modern Data Platform

Reactor is the bridge where business, data and technology teams meet.

Reactor is designed to dramatically simplify and accelerate your data analytics initiatives, while maintaining a secure and data compliant environment. The platform is custom build by Sigmoid, license-free and available to be deployed either on the cloud or on-premises, thus providing the capability for the Data Scientists to work on your AI & Data analytics projects without the data ever leaving your servers. 

The platform encompasses security features such as:

  • Two-factor authentication (email & sms);
  • Invite only access
  • Access limited to: time, location, machine id, etc;
  • Active user session management (ability to kill user session, ban, etc)
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Teams and role management

Our industry experience

  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing

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