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The platform enables our Data Scientists secure access to client’s data, removal of barriers in collaboration between technical and business specialists in both parties as it relates to data mapping/transformation/visualization, version control in model development, as well as deployment of the solution in production and its maintenance.

How Reactor works


Set Project Teams

Set team members from both parties, assign roles and set access privileges for each project. Enable collaboration between your IT personal, domain experts and our Data Scientists for specific tasks, while minimizing HR resources.

Define, Transfer & Validate Data

Proceed with mutual definition of required and available data for the purposes of each project. Transfer the data in a secure environment and refresh data as needed. Interactively validate a match between defined and obtained data.

Transform, Visualize & Model

Proactively participate by providing domain expertise in the data transformation process. Ask key questions through exploration of interactive visualizations of your business. Review, understand and modify model assumptions.

Deploy in production

Rapidly deploy the best models and use their predictive power in production. Reactor provides seamless integration in your current enterprise systems through REST-full API endpoints or custom-made applications and dashboards.

Slide FEATURES Enterprise scale, control Low total cost of ownership Instant deployment Robust infrastructure and protection Adjustable to enterprise of any size, Focus on bringing your domain expertise to data projects, while saving resources on investing in the required infrastructure, strict adherence to control and relentless focus on data protection. With Reactor you are in control. Get the first results in days. Reactor is ready to be used from the get-go. The platform streamlines your data science fewer integration headaches. process, leading to faster results and building senior Data Science teams and taking a steep learning curve in extracting value from data. Process data of any kind, at massive scale and heavy velocity, without burdening your IT infrastructure through the use of HADOOP and Spark. IMPLEMENTATION


Just because you don’t have on-premise hardware doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice enterprise-grade capabilities.

The Reactor cloud implementation delivers the blazing-fast performance, strict adherence to controls, and relentless focus on data protection and security you expect from enterprise-level software, without any of the hassle.


You need a total physical control in both the hardware and the software? Reactor has it.

We can deploy a on-premises version of the platform and provide powerful big data infrastructure in no time, while you avoid the implementation and maintenance challenges and costs typically related to in-house solutions.