Founder's Letter, 2022

15 August 2022


The story of Sigmoid began in 2017. 

The firm was founded by three partners who never ever thought about getting into business. Each of us had a fulfilling career working on AI projects within a large international financial group. Our jobs were exciting - we were transferring knowledge from the HQ to local subsidiaries, working on cutting edge machine learning models and seeing the return on investment first-hand. 

However, we realized very quickly that small and medium sized organizations had a significant challenge in establishing teams that can deliver results. 

While each organization was great at their core business, they were not necessarily good at hiring, training, managing and retaining a great engineering team. 

By founding Sigmoid, we saw an opportunity to create a vehicle that brings the results of a great engineering team to organizations that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to have it. 

Today - five years later, Sigmoid is a vehicle that brings value to organizations ranging from start-ups to public institutions. Our work goes beyond AI alone. Our products are used by tens of thousands of people. We assist our partners with custom software solutions, provisioning continuous cyber security and much more.